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About Bubbles the Clown

Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore

Bubbles The Clown, Baltimore Clown

On the January 11, 2011 website of CBS Baltimore, Bubbles the Clown Baltimore Clown was listed as one of the “Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore.” The link to their website is Bubbles The Clown (a.k.a. David Felzenberg) has been a professional clown since 1984. He lives in Baltimore, MD. During his career, Bubbles has entertained young people and families throughout the State of Maryland, mostly in the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas. Now, he is providing his programs throughout the East Coast. Birthday party fun and clowning comes naturally to him; it is his second nature.

Bubbles The Clown Baltimore Clown is a professional clown with a quarter of a century of experience in children’s entertainment and education. Bubbles The Clown combines enthusiasm for fun that kids love with a professionalism and authority that adults admire. His mission is to make every event special, and to work with you, the organizer, to create an exciting and dynamic atmosphere, no matter which service packages you select.

Bubbles the Clown, Baltimore ClownThe business of Bubbles The Clown has been recognized by numerous publications and associations for extraordinary service. Rest assured you’re trusting your entertainment to the right company. Your event will be unforgettable! More than two decades ago, David Felzenberg saw an advertisement about a clown class in Silver Spring, Maryland. He graduated from the class, and Bubbles The Clown was born. Ever since, he has attended clown conferences, workshops, and has taken classes to continue his education of learning magic tricks, how to make balloon sculptures and to do face painting. Most importantly, Bubbles learned that he loved clowning and he enjoyed making children of all ages happy.
He is a member of Clowns of America International (COAI), as well as other performing arts organizations. He also participates in several business and networking groups. Bubbles has gained an excellent reputation from customers and peers as being a top notch clown. Birthday party or any other event where fun is the main idea?
Call Bubbles The Clown at 410-719-1405 or 301-641-7248. You can learn much more about Bubbles from several articles that have written about him in local media. ‘Clowning,’ he says, ‘is in my blood.’ No fooling,” Nancy Jones-Bonbrest, The Baltimore Sun, February 7, 2010. Voluntarily, Bubbles has had a background check from the FBI and the Maryland State Police. The safety of the children in our community is paramount. All children are treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

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100%Full 60 minute performance
95%Face Painting
90%Balloon Sculptures
95%Magic Tricks


Birthday party guests will have fun and you will not need to worry about a thing! In addition to being a great educator and entertainer, Bubbles knows that your peace of mind is the highest priority . He possesses a great personality, excellent skills, and provides great value at a fair price. With a quarter of a century of experience as a professional clown, Bubbles can handle any situation. In addition to having excellent skills, he can think quickly on his feet and can adapt to changes that may occur at your event.
Add Fun and Edu-tainment to your next event ...Invite Bubbles The Clown! Excellent customer service is the hallmark of Bubbles The Clown's nearly 30 years of providing quality educational programs and entertainment at thousands of events at a wide variety of venues.
Bubbles The Clown makes people happy! Happy people learn more and better! He loves to see the wonder in the eyes of a child and the twinkle in the eyes of the aged. Bubbles The Clown uses the performing art of clowning as a means of bringing joy and education into people's lives.
Bubbles The Clown has been listed as one of the "Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore" on the CBS Baltimore website of January 11, 2011. The link to the website is: Scroll down the page and see Bubbles The Clown.